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P-CN   "Cyclops" Necklace Pattern
P-DRB   "Diamonds in the Rough" Bracelet Pattern
P-ET   "Le Bijoux d'Eiffel" (Eiffel Tower) Bracelet Pattern
FWP-KP-O   12mm burnt orange fresh water top drilled keshi pearls, one strand
RIV-LV   14mm New Swarovski Rivoli(artical 1122), light vitrail foiled
15CCH-CS   15/0 Czech charlottes, crystal sunset, 5 grams
15-JCH-712/8   15/0 Japanese charlottes, 24K gold plated (toho #712), 8g
15-JCH-712F-6   15/0 Japanese charlottes, matte 24K gold plated (toho 712F), 6g
15-JCH-506-12   15/0 Japanese charlottes, metallic emerald green (toho 506), 12g
15-JCH-512/12   15/0 Japanese charlottes, metallic soft blue (toho 512), 12g
15-JCH-714/12   15/0 Japanese charlottes, precious metal silver plated(toho 714), 8g
17-AB   17mm Swarovski Artemis Bead (article 5540), jet glacier blue
17-SB   17mm Swarovski Artemis Bead (article 5540), summer blush
18-CAB-F   18mm Swarovski crystal cabochon, fuchsia
MAG-T161-20   3mm Magatama, Toho 161, 20 grams
MAG-T274-20   3mm Magatama, Toho 274, 20 grams
MAG-T284-20   3mm Magatama, Toho 284, 20 grams
MAG-T321-20   3mm Magatama, Toho 321, 20 grams
MAG-T327-20   3mm Magatama, Toho 327, 20 grams
MSR-47-M   47ss Modern Swarovski Rivolis, custom coated mahogany, 6 pack
GD65-E   65ss Emerald Glass Dentelles, pack of 12
GD65-H   65ss Hyacinth Glass Dentelles, pack of 12
GD65-J   65ss Jonquil Glass Dentelles, pack of 12
GD65-O   65ss Olivine Glass Dentelles, pack of 12
P-AGU   All Geared Up Necklace Pattern
AACW-B   Anodized Aluminum Counter sunk washer, 25mm outer diameter, blue
AACW-G   Anodized Aluminum Counter sunk washer, 25mm outer diameter, gunmetal grey
AACW-P   Anodized Aluminum Counter sunk washer, 25mm outer diameter, purple
AACW-R   Anodized Aluminum Counter sunk washer, 25mm outer diameter, red
AAN-B   Anodized Aluminum nut, M8 (14mm outer edge measurement), blue
AAN-P   Anodized Aluminum nut, M8 (14mm outer edge measurement), purple
AAN-R   Anodized Aluminum nut, M8 (14mm outer edge measurement), red
P-BWE   Beetle Wing Earring Pattern
CFL-AB   Chicken Foot Leather, antique black
CFL-ABR   Chicken Foot Leather, antique brown
CFL-AR   Chicken Foot Leather, antique red
CFL-ARB   Chicken Foot Leather, antique reddish-brown
CFL-B   Chicken Foot Leather, black
CFL-BR   Chicken Foot Leather, brown regular finish
CFL-R   Chicken Foot Leather, red
CBRK-JO   Crystal Burst Ring Kit, jonquil and olivine - RESTOCKED
CPG-S-G   Czech Pressed Glass 12mm flat spiral beads, green, bag of 50+
EK-DEC   Deco Earrings Kit, celadon green
EK-DEP   Deco Earrings Kit, pink, silver & gold
P-DER   Doll's Eye Ring Pattern
BK-DDSBG   Doorway to Deco Bracelet Kit, silver, black & gold
DB-021   Dragonfly Button, 32mm, heliotrope w/gold, shank backed
EL-C   Eel Hide, camel
BK-ETP   Eiffel Tower Bracelet Kit, purple & silver
P-ESN   Eye Spy Necklace Pattern
FRL-OR   Frog Leather, orange
GGNK-BES   Garden Garland Necklace Kit, black eyed susan color way
GGNK-BM   Garden Garland Necklace Kit, blue marguerite color way
GGNK-E   Garden Garland Necklace Kit, echinacea color way
P-GFB   Geo Floral Beaded Bead Pattern
P-GJN   Georgian Jewel Necklace Pattern
DFC-010   Glass Dragonfly Cabochon, dark red handpainted, 27mm
DFC-004   Glass Dragonfly Cabochon, heliotrope handpainted, 27mm
DFC-002   Glass Dragonfly Cabochon, medium vitrail gold, 27mm
DFC-007   Glass Dragonfly Cabochon, topaz handpainted, 27mm
DFC-005   Glass Dragonfly Cabochon, yellow opaline handpainted, 27mm
BK-GLE   Grape Leaf Earrings Book Kit
JAJNK-PS   Jazz Age Jewels Necklace Kit, purple & silver
JAJNK-TG   Jazz Age Jewels Necklace Kit, teal & green
P-LLN   Lantern Lighter Necklace Pattern
NTB   No-tangle Bobbin
OG-PY   One-G Nylon thread, 50 yard bobbin, pale yellow
OG-W   One-G Nylon thread, 50 yard bobbin, white
OL-B   Ostrich leg leather hide, black
OL-MB   Ostrich leg leather hide, midnight blue
OL-P   Ostrich leg leather hide, peanut color
OL-V   Ostrich leg leather hide, violet
PGG-B   Pressed German Glass Flower beads, 11mm centerdrilled, blue, 50 pieces
P-SUR   Sea Urchin Ring Pattern
P-SCB   Smart Cuff Bracelet Pattern
BK-SFE   Star Flower Earrings Book Kit
P-SGB   Star Gazer Bracelet Pattern
SCC-18-AG   Swarovski Cup Chain, 18pp, amethyst gold, 12 inches
SCC-18-CR   Swarovski Cup Chain, 18pp, crystal rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-18-DISR   Swarovski Cup Chain, 18pp, denim/indian sapphire rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-18-IR   Swarovski Cup Chain, 18pp, indicolite rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-18-LSPVR   Swarovski Cup Chain, 18pp, light siam/purple velvet rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-18-LTR   Swarovski Cup Chain, 18pp, light turquoise rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-24-PBOG   Swarovski Cup Chain, 18pp, pacific blue opal gold, 12 inches
SCC-18-PG   Swarovski Cup Chain, 18pp, paparadscha gold, 12 inches
SCC-18-PR   Swarovski Cup Chain, 18pp, peridot rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-18-RPRGO   Swarovski Cup Chain, 18pp, rose peach rose gold, 12 inches
SCC-24-AR   Swarovski Cup Chain, 24pp, amethyst rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-24-AG   Swarovski Cup Chain, 24pp, aqua gold, 12 inches
SCC-24-BZRH   Swarovski Cup Chain, 24pp, blue zircon rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-24-CBOG   Swarovski Cup Chain, 24pp, caribbean blue opal gold, 12 inches
SCC-24-CR   Swarovski Cup Chain, 24pp, crystal rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-24-COPVR   Swarovski Cup Chain, 24pp, cyclamen opal/purple velvet rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-24-ERR   Swarovski Cup Chain, 24pp, erinite rhodium, 12 inches
SCC-24-TG   Swarovski Cup Chain, 24pp, tangerine gold, 12 inches
P-THE   Third Eye Necklace Pattern
SC-TD   Titanium Plated Druzy Cabochon, 35 x 24mm
TOL-BC   Toad Leather, butter cup
TOL-OR   Toad Leather, orange
TOL-R   Toad Leather, red
P-TDCHP   Top Drilled "Cornflake" Pearls, 11x15mm, hot pink
P-TN   Treasure Necklace Pattern
P-TDN   Trois Diamants Necklace Pattern
VCF-002   Vintage Czech Glass Flower Beads, tranparent red

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