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Laura offers a range of workshops in a variety of topics. Most workshops are project oriented and students will study the techniques necessary to complete the appointed design. Masters classes are also available. These focus on the creative process and development of technical and design skills rather than a specific project. Shown below are the photos and descriptions for the workshops currently scheduled to be taught. For more details on dates, times and registration, please visit the Roadshow Schedule.

Workshop descriptions and photos . . .


Passion Flower Necklace

This ornate necklace takes its inspiration from the beautiful passion flower plant. These unique floral forms are meticulously recreated in 3-dimensional beadwork. Each flower is constructed using one continual piece of thread and by utilizing a combination of stitches including right angle weave, herringbone, peyote stitch and fringing. Proficiency in all four techniques is a prerequisite for this workshop.


Egyptian Revival Necklace

This Egyptian Revival inspired necklace features three rising sun scarab beetle pendants. These complex structures are achieved using a multitude of stitching techniques alongside 3-D construction. The stunning neck strap features the new “demi beads” just recently released by Toho company. Techniques include herringbone stitch, peyote stitch, right angle weave and chenille stitch. The advanced nature of this project requires total proficiency in all four stitches.

Oceanside Deco Necklace

Inspired by the elegance of geometric forms predominant in the Deco Era, this delicate necklace features two “sea snail” elements with a cascade of sparkling rhinestone chain. The combination chenille and herringbone stitch neck strap provides an ideal complement to the centerpiece. Advanced combination stitching is used to construct the forms in this piece and a solid understanding of right angle weave, peyote stitch and herringbone stitch is necessary.

“Thistle-dew” Necklace

This stunning necklace features three thistle flowers suspended from a beaded ring. Three-dimensional combination stitching is used to create the spiky thistle structures and Swarovski pave beads beautifully complement the flower form. The neck strap is constructed using chenille stitch with Toho’s new “demi beads.” Proficiency in right-angle-weave, peyote stitch, herringbone stitch and chenille stitch is a prerequisite for this workshop.


Tudor Rose Necklace

Taking its motif from the classic heraldic emblem of England, this necklace is comprised of five 3-dimensional rose elements linked together with circular beaded components. The roses are constructed in an innovative fashion using one continual thread rather than assembling separate beaded components. Techniques include herringbone stitch, peyote stitch and right angle weave. Proficiency in all three stitches is a prerequisite for this workshop.


Deco Darling Bracelet

This delicate design features a circular multilayered centerpiece set atop a rhinestone-encrusted band. Innovative use of Swarovski crystal chain creates the look of deco-era rhinestone jewelry. Techniques include right angle weave, flat and tubular peyote stitch. Proficiency in both odd and even count peyote stitch is a prerequisite for this workshop.


Modern Medieval Bracelet

This unique dimensional bracelet fuses modern and medieval jewelry aesthetics. The intricately beaded domed structures are reminiscent of the fine detail of medieval work while the crystal spike beads add an element of modern day style. Combination stitching is used to incorporate right angle weave, peyote stitch, and herringbone all into a single element. Proficiency in all three stitches is a prerequisite for this workshop.

Deco Daze Necklace

This distinctly Deco design, with its rectangular form and cascading rhinestones provides a lesson in geometric construction as well as a stunning necklace that recalls one of the most glamorous eras in modern fashion history. Techniques include peyote stitch, herringbone stitch and chenille stitch. Proficiency in herringbone and peyote stitch (including odd flat count) is strongly recommended for this workshop.

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