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Seed Beads

While Just Let Me Bead isn't really a stockist of seed beads per say, we do offer a selection of specialty seed beads that Laura frequently features in her designs. Select from any of the categories below to see our in-stock specialty seed beads.
  • 15/0 Czech Charlottes

    15/0 Czech Charlottes
    15/0 Czech charlottes are wonderfully delicate beads (actually more like a size 18/0). They are great for bezeling and achieving a high level of detail in beadwork. You will most certainly need a size 13 needle when working with these!

  • 15/0 Japanese Charlottes

    15/0 Japanese Charlottes
    15/0 Japanese charlottes offer us a wonderful alternate size option in beadwork. They are produced by Toho and considerably larger than 15/0 Czech charlottes (even though labeled with the same size number). With their single facet, they are fabulous both incorporated into stitches or used as surface embellishment.
  • Toho Aiko cylinder beads

    Toho Aiko cylinder beads
    Cylinder beads are wonderful and Toho Aikos are amazing! These size 11/0 high precision cylinder beads are absolutely perfect! Their perfection saves time as culling is never required and they work up beautifully in geometric beadwork and loom work. While we don't carry the whole line, we do stock a few of Laura's favorite colors.

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