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Just Let Me Bead is pleased to be offering several 2020/2021 workshops in video format. The price shown includes your kit, the video (which you will have the opportunity to add to your permanent Vimeo library for personal reference in the future), and an optional one hour group zoom (with 10-12 people max) to be held on the Sunday afternoon after the workshop begins.

Workshop prices vary depending on kit cost (some kits are more expensive on account of the cost of the beads used). Registration is limited. Sourcing has become quite challenging and unfortunately it appears that soon, supplies for these workshop will no longer be available. The workshops will be listed as long as kit supplies are available, Once I run out of kits, the workshop will be retired.

Please note, kits and printed instructions will be shipped in plenty of time to ensure you have them for the day the workshop begins. They are made to order and hence may not be shipped immediately upon registration. I will be in touch to let you know an estimated ship date for your kit.

Workshop videos will not be available until the date shown.

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