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  • fresh water pearls

    Fresh Water Pearls

    Just Let Me Bead is pleased to present a lovely collection of hand selected fresh water pearls.
  • glass eyes

    Antique Prosthetic Eyes

    Thanks for your interested in glass eyes! These are a predominant and reoccurring element in much of Laura's work. We are pleased to offer these beautiful antique glass prosthetics dating to the 1920s.

  • seed beads

    Seed Beads

    While Just Let Me Bead isn't really a stockist of seed beads per say, we do offer a selection of specialty seed beads that Laura frequently features in her designs. Select from any of the categories below to see our in-stock specialty seed beads.
  • rhinestone chain

    Rhinestone Chain

    Laura loves using rhinestone chain in her designs! Just Let Me Bead is pleased to offer a wonderful assortment of teeny tiny cubic zirconia rhinestone chain. We have special colors made for us and this cubic zirconia chain is amazingly delicate - perfect for highly detailed beadwork and bead embroidery. Because it's so hard to visualize the actual size, we've photographed the product with a penny for scale.

  • crystal beads and stones

    Swarovski Crystal

    Here at Just Let Me Bead we love ourselves a little crystal! We are pleased to offer a range of both vintage and new crystal elements for use in your beaded designs. Swarovski crystal items are discontinued so in-stock quantities are all that is available.

  • stone cabochons

    Stone Cabochons

    Just Let Me Bead is pleased to offer a stunning selection of hand-picked stone cabochons, baby geodes, and unique stone forms. These superior quality natural wonders will make your beaded jewelry unique, special and one-of-a-kind.
  • glass cabochons

    Glass Cabochons

    Just Let Me Bead is pleased to offer a lovely selection of glass cabochons. Many of these were custom made for Laura and are perfect for embroidery as well as woven work.
  • hardware


    Hardware isn't just for the carpenters and mechanics of this world. There is plenty of space for it in jewelry making. Laura loves incorporating unique hardware elements into highly decorative beadwork. Here's a selection of some of her favorites.

  • leather


    Just Let Me Bead is pleased to offer a wide range of excellent quality, easy to sew designer leathers. These split hide, garment weight leathers are easily stitched with size 10 or 12 beading needles or glovers needles. Available both in larger pieces and as scrap assortments.

  • laura's picks

    Laura's Picks

    While everything you find here at Just Let Me Bead has been hand selected by Laura, she still has her favorites! This department includes some of the materials that Laura favors in her own designs. When it comes to her work, glass eyes go without saying, so we've dedicated an entire department just to those. Click here to see our available eyes.

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