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This page is dedicated to announcements about new and upcoming events and plans for Just Let Me Bead. News is also announced in the monthly Just Let Me Bead newsletter and on the Just Let Me Bead Facebook Page and Instagram page.

That's right!! I finally overcame my fear of the camera and launched my YouTube channel. There are already a couple videos up there and many more to come!
Here's the link to the channel page:

Officially Announcing Virtual Workshops!

In this age of abundant caution I've come to the decision that the way forward is with video workshops. Because my virtual format is a bit different from other forms out there, I wanted to take a moment to lay it all out for you . . .

Workshops will be in a video format, produced and edited and accessible through a unique VIP code issued on the start date of the workshop. You can watch and re-watch the video as many times as you like and rest assured you will have them in your permanent video library for future personal reference forever going forward. The advantage to this format is that you can replay and portion of the video, take breaks at your convenience, and even bead along, pausing and starting as necessary. Videos will follow the same sequence as the printed instructions which will be provided ahead of the scheduled class time and cover every step of the project. On the Sunday of the weekend when video access starts there will be a scheduled one-hour zoom "after party" where those who would like can gather with me to go over questions, talk about the project or just simply catch up "in person."

To view the current listing of available upcoming workshops, please visit the Virtual Workshop page.