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Master Class Gallery

Starting in 2020, and because of the change in life as we once knew it, I began offering intensive master classes with a focus on creativity as well as a specific topic.

During this journey I have seen the remarkable creativity of all of my students as well as a deep passion for the art of beads. I am pleased to present some of the amazing pieces that Master Class participants have chosen to share.

To see the first (of hopefully many) virtual gallery exhibitions in the form of a video, please click here. To enjoy still images of the work, please explore the photos below. Check back regularly - there will be new additions and new exhibitions to come!

Suzy Musil

Stephen Hernandez/Master Bezeled
Instagram: MasterBezeledLLC
A stunning, custom-designed, fall-themed napkin ring set made with genuine Swarovski crystal. Each stone is lavishly embellished with crystal branches, pearl acorns, and an oak leaf pendant.

Joann Boyer
Forget-me-not Bracelet

Debbie Proctor
Left hand photo (from left to right): mInder (keeps my appointment cards), I (my first eye flower), Waiting daIsy (I am going to make daIsy for the pot).
Right hand photo (from left to right): prInce (Extreme purpleness), Icandy (She is wearing pearls), lIghten Up

Honore Buckley
Waterlilies (made using size 6/0 beads, daggers and drops) and Waterlily Box.

Karen Kenny
left hand photo: Forget-me-not Lariat Necklace (inspired by Beguiling Blossoms Lariat)
middle photo: Bittersweet Lariat Necklace
right hand photo: Work in progress - Waterlily Flower on Lily pad

Blu Paris
"After discovering Laura's work on the web I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her in Rome and admire the talent and original creativity of this brilliant artist in making special jewels. I was enchanted and for year that magic continues today, more beautiful than ever, thanks to video lessons that cancel distances. A huge thank you to Laura."

Lauri Rodriguez
Eye creature made with antique glass doll's eye, seed beads, crystal beads and glass stones used to create a dodecahedron form. "I just go for things and don't worry about it - as long as it works. I keep smiling as I work on it, so that's all that counts with me."

Barbara Richard
Shadow box of Wildflowers

Gay Dries
Left: Necklace in Progress, Center: Finished Necklace, Right: Earring to match Necklace
"This is a necklace I've made using lots of components and a malachite centerpiece. Also one of bone. The earrings go with the necklace."

Marie Campbell
"Miss Rock Fish" moves from naturalistic, fishy shine and texture toward the surrealistic; a fairy story creature of fuchsia lips and goo-goo-googley eyes adorned with dramatic tinsel eyelashes.
Grounded in the actual Rockfish tournaments on the Chesapeake Bay, the whimsical sculpture has the requisite fins and gills of the waterborne, yet is ready to rock and roll, tail curled to power swift motion in her fantasy milieu.

Carol Taylor
Trio of Eye Flowers. "I really enjoyed the challenge and have named them "Jester," "Bling" and "Crackle" - I hope it is obvious which one is which!" Far right: studio assistant Bertie is sorting out some knots.