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    This page is dedicated to announcements about new and upcoming events and plans for Just Let Me Bead. News is also announced in the monthly Just Let Me Bead newsletter and on the Just Let Me Bead Facebook Page and Instagram page.

    That's right!! I finally overcame my fear of the camera and launched my YouTube channel. There are already a couple videos up there and many more to come!
    Here's the link to the channel page:

    Officially Announcing Upcoming Virtual Workshops!

    In this age of abundant caution I've come to the decision with some of my teaching venues to offer classes in a virtual format. Because my virtual format is a bit different from other forms out there, I wanted to take a moment to lay it all out for you . . .

    Workshops will be in a video format, produced and edited and accessible with login and password for a 48 hour time period. During those 48 hours you can watch and re-watch the video as many times as you like. The advantage to this format is that you can replay and portion of the video, take breaks at your convenience, and even bead along, pausing and starting as necessary. Videos will follow the same sequence as the printed instructions which will be provided ahead of the scheduled class time and cover every step of the project. After the workshop's allotted time frame is over, there will be a scheduled one-hour zoom "after party" where those who would like can gather with me to go over questions, talk about the project or just simply catch up in "person."

    Workshops are limited to the same maximum number as live classes so please be sure to register ahead of time. For details as to where you can catch a virtual workshop, please visit the Road Show page of the website.

    Coming Soon! . . . . online learning
    The "new normal" resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a re-creating of how we think, work and how we interact. Many readers are now turning to online alternatives which reduce concerns of exposure and give those unable to attend workshops a viable option for continued education in beading. Although I have never been much of a video technology artist, I am starting to explore the wonderful world of online tutorials. I am currently working on creating new tutorials (some free to all and some available for purchase) which will eventually be posted for online viewing. For me there is a significant learning curve with video production and at this point I am not quite ready to release videos, but please stay tuned and please be patient . . . as soon as videos are available for viewing it will be announced here as well as in the monthly newsletter, the Just Let Me Bead Facebook page and the @justletmebead Instagram feed.
  • workshops


    Laura offers a range of workshops in a variety of topics. Most workshops are project oriented and students will study the techniques necessary to complete the appointed design. Master classes are also available. These focus on the creative process and the development of technical and design skills rather than a specific project. Below you will find the photos and description of all the workshops currently scheduled to be taught. For more details on dates, times and registration, please visit the Road Show Schedule.

    Workshop descriptions and photos . . .

    click here to see the YouTube trailer

    Wildflower Video Master Class

    This eight-week journey (which may just turn into a life-long quest!) will allow you to explore your curiosity, sharpen your technical skills and push your own creative boundaries. It is intended for experienced beaders looking to foster their own creativity while refining their craftsmanship. Detailed instructions are provided for each of the 29 wildflowers or floral structures covered in this workshop, but what you do with them is up to you. In addition to the technical "how to" of building the flowers, time will be devoted to discussion about finding inspiration and how to foster the creativity required to make your own unique art.

    What's included:
    Eight weeks of video workshops accompanied by detailed, full color, step-by-step instructions and bead kits to make a sampler of each of the twenty-nine different flowers or floral structures featured in the workshop.

    Each week a new video will become available which coordinates with the printed instructions. Here's the syllabus:

    Week 1: Begin Your Quest
    This first week will be devoted to a discussion about inspiration, where to go to get ideas and what to look for when examining flowers and floral structures.

    After week 1, there will be an optional 1 hour small group zoom session to discuss inspiration.

    Week 2: Daisy-like Wildflowers

    Week 3: Round Petaled Wildflowers

    Week 4: Bonnet-style Wildflowers

    Week 5: Berries

    Week 6: Grasses and Leaves

    Week 7: Complex Structure Wildflowers

    Week 8: Bringing it Together into a Design
    The final week will be devoted to taking what you have learned technically and applying your own creative vision to create your own unique beaded wildflower work of art.

    After week 8, there will be an optional 1 hour small group zoom session to discuss creativity.

    In addition to the workshop itself, participants will also be entitled to:
    - Membership in a private Facebook group page exclusively for Master Class participants.
    - The option to have your work featured on a special Master Class Gallery Page on the Just Let Me Bead website.

    This workshop is set for a designated eight weeks and is not "on demand." Videos will become available at the beginning of each week and at the time can be added to the students Vimeo library for personal reference in the future. The beauty of this format is that videos can be watched at the student's convenience and re-watched as many time as necessary to review any of the steps of the process.

    All Inclusive Cost (including sampler kits for 29 wildflower and floral structure designs): $995.

    Registration numbers will be limited. Registration will open May 1st, 2021 and the workshop will begin on May 30, 2021 (to allow times for students to receive their kit boxes and instructions).

    Gilded Lily Necklace
    This beautifully 3-dimensional flower form is mounted atop a cork "lily pad" and then finished off with a lovely tassel and sparkling neck straps. Stitches include peyote stitch, right angle weave, herringbone stitch, spiral stitch and chenille. Proficiency in all stitches is highly recommended.

    Mid-Summer Night's Necklace

    The dragonfly is an iconic creature associated with transformation, prosperity and harmony and one who's presence is weak acknowledged as a sign that Mid-Summer is upon us. This elegant yet whimsical necklace features seven beaded dragonflies set atop beaded triangles and connected with delicate flower forms. Stitches include peyote stitch, herringbone stitch, right angle weave and combination stitching. Proficiency in all stitches is highly recommended.

    Stern Blume Halskette
    This unique necklace is inspired by the stunning iron jewelry which was produced in 19th century Berlin. The star flower structures are 3-D "pillow" forms which are embellished with elaborate beaded filigree. Techniques include peyote stitch, herringbone stitch, right angle weave, and chenille stitch. Proficiency in all stitches is highly recommended.

    Nouveau Orchid Necklace
    This delicate necklace features an orchid form at the center of a triangular pendant which is adorned at the bottom with a sparkling rivoli. Inspired by the Art Nouveau aesthetic, this project is a wonderful study in creating complex flower forms using combination stitching. Proficiency in herringbone stitch, peyote stitch and chenille stitch is highly recommended.

    "There Be Dragons" Necklace
    Create a lovely mystical creature to adorn your neck! This necklace project utilizes herringbone and chenille stitch to construct a "scaly" dragon form which is beautifully finished with a cubic zirconia encrusted clasp. The multi-strand portion of the necklace ensures a fine fit to any neck shape. Proficiency in both herringbone and chenille stitch is highly recommended.

  • road show

    Road Show Schedule

    This road show schedule only reflects upcoming workshops within this calendar year. Future scheduled workshops beyond this time are not necessarily listed. To get more information about, or to sign up for any of these workshops, please contact the venue directly using the contact information provided below.

    2021 Workshop Schedule

    Due to the current risks presented by Covid-19,
    Just Let Me Bead is pleased to be offering several 2020/2021 workshops in video format. The price includes your kit, the video (which you will have the opportunity to add to your permanent Vimeo library for personal reference in the future), and an optional one hour group zoom.

    Workshop prices vary depending on kit cost (some kits are more expensive on account of the cost of the beads used). Registration is limited. Sourcing has become quite challenging and unfortunately it appears that soon, supplies for these workshop will no longer be available. The workshops will be listed as long as kit supplies are available, Once I run out of kits, the workshop will be retired.

    Please note, kits and printed instructions will be shipped in plenty of time to ensure you have them for the day the workshop begins. They are made to order and hence may not be shipped immediately upon registration. I will be in touch to let you know an estimated ship date for your kit.

    Workshop videos will not be available until the date shown.

    To see photos of all available workshops and to register, please click here.

    February 12th, 2021: Mid Summer Night's Necklace
    Optional group zoom is being held on Sunday, February 14th.

    February 26th, 2021: Stern Blume Halskette (Star Flower Necklace)
    Optional group zoom is being held on Sunday, February 28th.

    March 12th, 2021: There Be Dragons Necklace
    Optional group zoom is being held on Sunday, March 14th.

    March 26th, 2021: Gilded Lily Necklace

    Optional group zoom is being held on Sunday, March 28th.

    April 9th, 2021: Nouveau Orchid Necklace
    Optional group zoom is being held on Sunday, April 11th, 2021.

  • free patterns

    Free patterns

    Over the years I have issued free patterns as a holiday gift to my newsletter subscribers. If you've missed out on any of these, I've put up PDF versions which you can download and print. You can access these links by clicking on the pattern name beneath the photograph.

    Tubular Straight Herringbone How-To
    This handout goes along with my
    YouTube Video about tubular straight herringbone

    Bezeling Rivolis How-To
    This handout goes along with my YouTube Video about bezeling rivolis

    Moon Rise Earrings (holiday pattern 2019)

    Beautiful Blizzard Earrings (holiday pattern 2018)

    Star Flower Lariat (holiday pattern 2017)

    Earrings for All Seasons (Holiday Pattern 2016)

    Sparkling Snowflake Earrings (holiday Pattern 2015)


    Snowflake Earrings (holiday pattern 2013)

    Icicle Necklace (holiday pattern 2012)

    Mistletoe Earrings (holiday pattern 2011)

    Let it Snow Necklace (holiday pattern 2010)

    Winter Berry Burst Ring (holiday pattern 2009)

    Candelabrum Earrings (holiday pattern 2008)

    Poinsettia Bracelet (holiday pattern 2007)

    Berry Burst Bracelet (holiday pattern 2006)

    Magatama Spiral Necklace (2007)

    In addition to the free holiday patterns, I've also donated patterns to the Beadworkers Guild in the UK in support of National Beading Week. Below you'll find photos of these projects. If you click on the pattern name, you will be redirected to the Beadworkers Guild site where you can down load these patterns for free.

    Component Based Designs (2017)

    Deco Triangle Earrings (2016)

  • publications



    Laura has published two books through publishers:

    Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski: 65 Sparkling Designs with Crystal Beads and Stones (Creative Publishing International, 2008)

    Laura McCabe's Embellished Beadweaving: Jewelry Lavished with Fringe, Fronds, Lacework & More
    (Lark Books, 2010)

    Both books contain extensive information about materials and techniques used in beadweaving along with many projects and applications for the knowledge contained therein. While not available for purchase through this site, both books can be purchased from amazon or through your local book seller.

    Self-Published Books
    In addition to her commercially published books, Laura also self publishes books with Blurb. These books must be ordered directly from and cannot be ordered through this website. To link directly to Laura's bookstore at Blurb,
    Click here.

    Outside the Box (Blurb, 2013)

    This self-published 150 page book offers a unique insight into the mind of the artist. Alongside More than 100 images of work spanning 20 years are recollections of a personal evolution and one artist's vision of the creative process.

    Magazine publications

    Laura's work has been featured in numerous magazines throughout the past 18 years. Below is a list of all of those articles. While many are now out of print, several of these periodical back issues are still available.

    Press & Publications:

    -Spring 2018, Beadworker's Guild Journal, artist profile

    -June, 2011, "Elizabethan Earrings" (how-to article), Bead & Button Magazine

    2011, Bead Magazine (UK), feature profile

    2010, Perlen Poesie Magazine (issue #6), feature profile

    April, 2010, "Ropes and Rings Bracelet" (how-to article), Bead & Button Magazine

    April, 2010, Bead & Button Magazine, feature profile

    2010, Designer of the Year for Beadwork Magazine (one article in each of 6 issues for 2010)

    2007, Ornament Magazine, feature profile (Winter 2006/2007 issue)

    October, 2006, Front Cover, Bezeled Cabochons (how-to article), Bead & Button Magazine

    Spring, 2006, Elle Accessories Magazine

    October 2005, Your Work, Bead & Button Magazine

    2004, Bead Dreams Annual, Bead & Button Magazine

    Summer, 2003, Artist's Statement, Ornament Magazine

    October, 2003, Your Work, Bead & Button Magazine

    2003, Front Cover, Bead Dreams Annual, Bead & Button Magazine

    Summer, 2003, Artist's Statement, Ornament Magazine

    April, 2003, "Expand Your Memory" (how-to article), Bead & Button Magazine

    April 1, 2003, "Let It Bead" (artist profile), The Westerly Sun

    December, 2002, "Just Let Laura Bead" (artist profile), Beadwork Magazine

    October 2002, "Faery Vine Necklace" (how-to article), Beadwork Magazine

    July 2002, Facets, Lapidary Journal

    June 2002, Facets, Lapidary Journal

    April 2002, Up Close, Beadwork Magazine

    June 2001, Up Close, Beadwork Magazine

    November 5, 2000, Northeast Magazine, The Hartford Courant

    October 2000, Your Work, Bead & Button Magazine

    February 2000, Your Work, Bead & Button Magazine