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Free patterns

Over the years I have issued free patterns as a holiday gift to my newsletter subscribers. If you've missed out on any of these, I've put up PDF versions which you can download and print. You can access these links by clicking on the pattern name beneath the photograph.

Tubular Straight Herringbone How-To
This handout goes along with my
YouTube Video about tubular straight herringbone

Bezeling Rivolis How-To
This handout goes along with my YouTube Video about bezeling rivolis

Moon Rise Earrings (holiday pattern 2019)

Beautiful Blizzard Earrings (holiday pattern 2018)

Star Flower Lariat (holiday pattern 2017)

Earrings for All Seasons (Holiday Pattern 2016)

Sparkling Snowflake Earrings (holiday Pattern 2015)


Snowflake Earrings (holiday pattern 2013)

Icicle Necklace (holiday pattern 2012)

Mistletoe Earrings (holiday pattern 2011)

Let it Snow Necklace (holiday pattern 2010)

Winter Berry Burst Ring (holiday pattern 2009)

Candelabrum Earrings (holiday pattern 2008)

Poinsettia Bracelet (holiday pattern 2007)

Berry Burst Bracelet (holiday pattern 2006)

Magatama Spiral Necklace (2007)

In addition to the free holiday patterns, I've also donated patterns to the Beadworkers Guild in the UK in support of National Beading Week. Below you'll find photos of these projects. If you click on the pattern name, you will be redirected to the Beadworkers Guild site where you can down load these patterns for free.

Component Based Designs (2017)

Deco Triangle Earrings (2016)