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About our Kits

We are pleased to offer a range of artisan kits for Laura's original designs. These include necklace, bracelet, earring and ring kits as well as kits for beaded beads, vessels and accessories.
These kits are designed not only to teach you technique but also intended to inspire you with Laura's unique eye for color applied in her selection of the highest quality materials available.

Kits include all the beads and supplies necessary to complete the project as well as John James needles. Detailed, beautifully illustrated step-by-step instructions carefully explain every phase of the construction process. The only thing you'll need to provide is beading thread. There are many schools of thought on which thread is best to use. Laura uses 6lb fireline for almost everything she creates but feels that others should use what they are comfortable with. For this reason we do not included thread in the kits.
You will find in the product description of each kit a list of the various techniques used in the project. While the instructions will detail these techniques as they are used, you can also find additional tutorials of these basic stitches presented by many artists and instructors both in books and on youtube.

Due to the cost of the high quality materials used in our kits our pricing is based on cost of materials and labor. We don't apply any "design fee" for the pattern and for this reason are unable to provide "refill" kits at a lower price.

All kits represented on the site are currently in stock and ready to ship. If you order a kit from our site it will be shipped to you within 1 to 5 business days. We pride ourselves on quick service and whenever possible we have orders ready to ship same or next day. If you discover that a category page has no images of kits, that's because we are currently out of all kits in that category. Please check back often as we are forever restocking sold out kits when possible.
Kits will arrive to you beautifully boxed and adorned with ribbon. We pride ourselves on our presentation and hope that opening a box from Just Let Me Bead is like opening a gift!