Beadwork from Another Dimension

As a one-woman operation, all the beadwork and artisan bead kits are assembled in the studio by me (Laura).  Yes . . . it is a lot of work . . . but it is my wish to bring to you the finest finished work and kits available along with a little bit of bead pixie magic in every box.  The unique range of supplies have been hand picked by me and represent some of my favorite materials used in my designs.

Please keep in mind, many of the kits are produced in limited editions.  When I run out of a kit, it may or may not be available again in the future, depending on both availability of materials as well as availability of my time.

Inventory counts are kept up to date on the site, so when an item is currently out of stock, it will be "hidden" and disappear from the site.  I encourage you to visit on a regular basis, particularly those of you interested in kits, as these are ever changing and new ones are frequently being added.

Inspirational pages, such as my Gallery and Blog have been added to evoke and encourage your own creativity and keep you apprised of the latest developments here in my studio.

When you are ready to take your beading to the level of bead art, I am here to escort you, inspire you, and allow you to move on into the next dimension of beadwork. 
Bead on friends . . .

Laura McCabe