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Baby Geode Earring Kits

Just Let Me Bead is pleased to present one-of-a-kind Baby Geode Earring kits. Each and every kit contains its own unique, hand selected baby geode. The photo provided includes the actual geode in your kit alongside the original design. Please be sure to open each product page so you can see exactly which geode you will be receiving in your kit.

Kits include detailed step-by-step, illustrated instructions along with all the necessary beads and supplies to complete the design. Needles are included however beading thread is not.

Please be aware, there is only one of each of the pictured kits available. It is possible for multiple customers to have the same item in their basket at the same time. You are not guaranteed a kit until you have fully completed the check out process. Should another customer purchase the kit before you, it will disappear from you basket. Thank you for your understanding regarding availability due to the unique nature of these kits.